A new approach to turn data into decisions and better manage wet infrastructure, assets, and operation; building tomorrow’s resilience.

Infrastructure digital twins enable water and wastewater utilities to better understand and manage their wet infrastructure assets, reduce their life cycle costs, optimize their performance and life span, increase revenue and improve service.

More specifically, they will help you optimize spending and reduce your capital infrastructure funding gap, and keep your wet infrastructure operating well into the future.

Among some of its many benefits, our infrastructure digital twin technology is designed to help you:

  • Decrease cost and risk of both unplanned asset downtime and scheduled but unnecessary maintenance
  •  Lessen duration and disruption of maintenance and repairs
  •  Reduce energy use and carbon emissions
  •  Identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen
  •  Solve water-energy nexus challenges
  •  Quickly spot and isolate deficiencies
  •  Foresee and pre-empt future network failures (e.g., locate growing leaks before pipes break) and prepare for and respond to emergencies
  •  Minimize asset deterioration and environmental impact
  •  Optimize performance and extend the life of network assets
  •  Enhance the quality of service (uninterrupted, high quality water)
  •  Strengthen network integrity, resiliency and security and reduce risk
  •  Lower Totex (Capex and Opex)
  •  Predict and manage extreme weather events and support climate change initiative
  •  Mitigate sewer overflows
  •  Understand water usage patterns to support pricing and demand management
  •  Better forecast future demand
  •  Reduce pipe break and leakage rates
  •  Increase revenue
  •  Boost worker productivity (facilitate migration from specialists to generalists)
  •  Maximize business efficiency and ROI

At Digital Water Works, we are uniquely positioned to help you deploy a scalable, flexible and holistic infrastructure digital twin platform that is based on industry standards and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. This revolutionary geospatial platform enables utilities to operate and sustain more resilient wet infrastructure while maintaining compliance and meeting appropriate levels of service at the lowest total life-cycle cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

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